Millennials, Here’s How To Use Your Instagram Account To Travel The World For Free

6. Speak Their Language. According to Benson, hotels have a huge gap in their content and marketing needs, which makes it a perfect opportunity for Instagram influencers to fulfill. Offerings that will appeal to them include photos, videos, blog posts, article features, graphic design, SEO, and website design. Learn these skills and reach out to them via email to propose a trade.

7. Differentiate Yourself. Remember, big hotels get dozens of email offerings a day, so it’s crucial to differentiate yourself. “I usually say ‘VIP Reservation’ in the subject line, and then I got straight into my accomplishments. Explain why your offering is different than others and explain what you can do for them,” Benson says.

For more extensive information, consider downloading top Instagrammers’ free guides, which you can usually access in their bios when you visit their profile page. 
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