How This Millennial Stay-At-Home-Mom Launched A Celebrity-Endorsed Company In 2 Months

Use A Subscription-Based Model

Do you want to create recurring monthly revenue you can depend on? The simplest way to automate and predict your monthly revenue is by switching to a subscription-based business model, where your customers can choose to opt-in to a monthly subscription of your product. This both optimizes the amount of revenue you can earn from a single customer, and takes the load off of finding new customers as your existing customers become more likely to refer friends and family.

In the last five years, the subscription economy has been growing 200% a year, with increasing demand for subscription services amongst Millennials. Fogg drew inspiration from the subscription movement in creating her brand offering—she is committed to building a relationship with her customers by providing a unique and unforgettable experience that encourages them to return.

Practice Self Care

“Work life balance… There is no balance,” Fogg jokes. “If you tip a scale it will always be tipped—even if it’s incrementally to one side, you’ll never fully be in balance.”

One of Fogg’s hacks to restore balance is to practice self-care. Think of it this way: in order to have the resources like energy and creativity to pour into your business, you need to recharge. Set aside time to replenish yourself, whether it’s a bath, an hour of exercise, or a day off. Tune into what you need. “Deep down, we all know what we need to do to take care of ourselves,” Fogg says. It’s one of the practices Fogg swears by, and if a busy mom can find time for herself, you can too.

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