7 Surprising Things Ultra Successful People Do Differently

4. They Have A Support Network. Those at the top know that success is much harder when you’re trying to do it alone. The greater the feat that you’re trying to accomplish, the more difficult the obstacles you encounter will be. You can better equip yourself for the road ahead by enrolling a support team around you. “At the pro level, you have a strength coach, a training coach, a manager, an infield coach, an outfield coach…” Cavalea says. Choose your inner circle wisely, and consider hiring specialized professionals, from coaches to massage therapists, who will be able to pick you up when you are down. “People succeed more when they have someone to hold them accountable to that day-to-day,” says Cavalea.

5. They Believe They Can. We’ve all heard the saying, ‘You have to believe it before you can achieve it.’ Science tells us that the belief and conviction that we are capable of achieving something increases our chances of bringing it to fruition in reality. Cavalea recommends the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, as a resource for upgrading your mindset in support of your goals.

6. They Train Physically, Too. Mindset is only one piece of the puzzle—for optimum performance, you must also care for your body. Cavalea says a winning daily habit is to sweat every day. “Sweat will change your state. It will change the way you’re feeling. When you sweat it actually creates more motivation for you. A sweat a day will keep you moving in the direction you want to go,” he says. In addition to physical exercise, relaxation therapies are also key. Cavalea recommends epsom salt baths, acupuncture, ice baths, and heat to relieve stress and tension.

7. They Make Time For Play. Working optimally is all about balance. Creating space in your schedule for recreation and leisure will help replenish your creativity and problem-solving skills and support your emotional well-being. Work during your work hours, and afterwards reward yourself with activities you enjoy doing most—it’ll help you stay motivated.

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This article originally appeared on Forbes.com