5 Tips From A Veteran Entrepreneur That Every Millennial Entrepreneur Needs To Know

4. Don’t Kill Yourself In The Process.

Despite what you might think, the fastest way to achieve results is not through endless work days and sleepless nights. The “hustle” is a euphemism for a bleak reality that will have you feeling exhausted and under-resourced. Take heed: nothing of value comes from a place of deprivation. You need to fill your own cup first before you can pour from it.

Remember to weave in self-care and replenishing hobbies or activities throughout your workday so that you have the resources you need to do your best work. Though taking time to rest may seem counterproductive, it will save you from burnout and ensure your success and well-being for the long-run.

5. Take Time Alone To Cultivate Self Confidence.

“Every twenty-something should take the time to be with themselves and be able to recognize, this is who I am, and this is how I show up for others,” Kim says.

When you know yourself and are comfortable with who you are, you are poised to show up powerfully. You are confident in your own energy and aware of the value you have to offer. You can handle rejection because you know who you are and cannot be shaken by others’ opinions of you.

Make it a practice to spend time alone, and source strength from your own approval, so that you can be certain in your ability to deliver value to the world.

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This article originally appeared on Forbes.com