3 Tips To Land High-Paying Gigs As A Freelancer

Be Social

You can exponentially increase your reach and build a loyal customer base by representing yourself on social platforms. Many successful freelancers, like LA-based tattoo artist Dr. Woo, use social media as a form of digital business card or portfolio, sharing past clients’ work to gain credibility and attract new clients.

Create a schedule for yourself to establish structure and accountability around posting frequently and at times when your audience is most active. According to research, posting between Thursday-Sunday at 9am, 1pm, and 3pm results in the most clicks and shares. Take advantage of platform features like stories, which are a great way to show your customers behind-the-scenes content, showcase your personality, and build a personal relationship.

Getting engagement on social media can be challenging when you’re first starting, but it becomes easier once you begin to build momentum and have a foundation of content that represents who you are and what you do. “Be consistent and persistent. It will pay off in the long term,” Gatti advises. “There is no way that if you start and keep going and do what you’re good at every single day you won’t be able to reach the milestones you want to reach.”

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This article originally appeared on Forbes.com